The number of sustainability issues vying for time and attention from management is ever growing. Materiality is a key principle used to prioritise whether a topic or issue is sufficiently important to warrant attention by the business.

Materiality requires taking a wide-angled view of the company to identify emerging and future trends, and ensure the company stays ahead of the continuously evolving sustainability context it faces. Crucial to this is effectively gathering external stakeholder insights.

A well-designed and executed materiality process is the cornerstone of a sustainable business strategy. It helps focus attention on critical areas and deliver short-term wins, while building the foundation for long-term value. Additionally, it supports reporting and communication, by providing a clear basis from which to identify topics for disclosure, and why these are important.

How we support our clients

We take clients through a proven and rigorous process to identify, prioritise and validate their company’s most pressing sustainability issues across its entire value chain.

We engage internal and external stakeholders, using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. Leveraging our detailed databases, global stakeholder networks and proven business experience, we uncover insights on the issues that matter most. Our process will help articulate why each topic is material, what the impacts are (both positive and negative) and where they occur in a company’s value chain.

Materiality results include a visual materiality matrix, mapping each priority issue in relation to business success and stakeholder importance. The results of our analysis inform business strategies, goal setting, new initiatives and reporting.

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