Julian Jack

Julian Jack

Senior Membership Manager, London
I am the Senior Membership Manager of the LBG network. I am particularly interested in sustainable development. I feel blessed to have worked with a range of fantastic companies that have made a difference to the lives of others such as Plan International UK, the Chartered Quality Institute, the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing and Commerce and now LBG and Corporate Citizenship. My focus has been on customer care, membership management, member relations and being solution focussed, working with teams to get the best out of each other.

I graduated from The University of Greenwich having completed a BSc in Business Systems Modelling. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and found a summer job as a temp at Plan International UK. My first job was changing our filing system from sponsor files into child files (as we didn’t have a database). I worked in the Finance team for a year before becoming an Enrolment co-ordinator. I enjoyed being a team leader for a few years before becoming the Supporter Relations Manager and seeing our sponsorship base increase from 30,000 sponsors to 100,000 sponsors. I then joined the CQI (Chartered Quality Institute) as their Membership Manager and was there for two years. My greatest achievement was to bring in online mentoring for our members which was such a great tangible benefit for them. Quality professionals are the best advocates for each other and want to support the next generation of quality professionals so it worked really well. I then joined the RSA as the Fellowship Development Manager on a temporary contract and loved being part of an institution that has been around for 260 years. I attended lectures on sustainability, the music industry and how to live well. Please let me know if you would like me to recommend you as a Fellow of the RSA and we can talk.

Client and Project Experience:
I have worked with a wide range of corporate contacts through my time at the CQI. I worked with EDF Energy, BAM, Murphy, Skanska and Martin Baker and produced presentations to engage staff in the advantages of joining the CQI and also worked with account managers on webinars to engage senior managers. I have taken the lead on projects such as retention campaigns raising over 1 million pounds and bringing in online direct debits and SEPA payments. The project I am most proud of was working with 10 countries who were deemed to be poor performers in relation to the communications their sponsor children were sending to the sponsors in the UK. At the start of the project 8% of letters were deemed to be inappropriate and after working together for a year this statistic dropped to 0.18% and the ten countries were seen as high performers.

Person I most admire:
Two people spring to mind. My mother who is so practical and solution focussed and would always say to me that it is better to light a candle than to complain about the darkness. And Maya Angelou who said, ‘people will forget what you say, they will forget what you do but they will never forget how you made them feel.’

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