Junice Yeo

Junice Yeo

Director, Singapore
I specialise in sustainability reporting and communications. I am particularly keen on helping companies develop effective messaging in their sustainability communications, and work through key touchpoints to strengthen the dialogue and exchange between the business and the community.

I started out in Danone where I was first acquainted with the Yoghurt category for Asia Pacific. I was trained as a brand and communications specialist, which remains as the common thread throughout my career as progressed on into tourism, government and real estate. Geographically, I have local market expertise in China, Switzerland, Singapore and Southeast Asia as a region. Sustainability became an important part of my work since 2011 when I was managing Marketing & Communications for the Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City project in China, where the role involved promoting the importance of green homes, clean technology and sustainable city developments.

Client and project experience:
At Corporate Citizenship, I started to specialise in sustainability reporting. As a certified GRI G4 reporting specialist, I now help clients on their sustainability reporting and communications.

Person I most admire:
Dr Tan Lai Yong – Sometimes known as the barefoot doctor in China. His work continues today in Singapore.

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