Why 2017 Should Be The Year You Respond to RobecoSAM (DJSI)

Corporate Citizenship in collaboration with RobecoSAM discuss the value of responding to RobecoSAM’s Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA). The webinar will be of interest both to companies that already respond to CSA and to new companies.

Guest speakers

  • Robert Dornau, Director, Senior Manager Sustainability Services, RobecoSAM
  • Penny Barker, Head of Sustainability, Sydney Airport
  • Tara James, Senior Consultant, Corporate Citizenship

Here are a few thoughts from leading companies that have responded on a regular basis:

“Investors tell us that they gain strong confidence from the Corporate Sustainability Assessment and DJSI in how companies and sectors are performing on sustainability.” Davina Rooney, General Manager, Sustainability at Stockland

“RobecoSAM’s benchmarking provides significant business value to us. It provides a credible external perspective that informs internal discussions of how our ESG performance and transparency compares to others in our industry. This helps us prioritize opportunities and drive to further enhance our efforts and level of transparency. Sustainability benchmarking has helped us to become a better business.” Dan Bross, Senior Director, Global Corporate Citizenship, Microsoft

Hugo Boss
“RobecoSAM’s assessment shows us where we stand from an asset manager’s perspective. It helps us identify gaps and advance our in-house sustainability agenda by opening doors to internal decision makers. The quantified results make our progress measurable and we can use them to also demonstrate our achievements toward external stakeholders.” Hugo Boss – Dennis Weber, Head of Investor Relations

Roche (Pharma) 

“Improving corporate sustainability is simply good business: it has a direct impact on bottom lines, helps ensure future competitiveness, raises corporate profiles and increases employee and stakeholder engagement with the company.” Dr. Urs Jaisli, Chief Compliance Officer and Head of Corporate Sustainability Committee, Roche

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