Deep Dive on Circularity – Insights from the Material Change Index

Jun 11, 2020

On Thursday 11th June our US team held a webinar in partnership with Textile Exchange to discuss the rapid growth of circularity ambitions within the textile and apparel industry. The discussion was based on findings from the circularity module within Textile Exchange’s Corporate Fiber and Materials Benchmark (CFMB), which our team manages. Importantly, this year’s benchmark data represents the most comprehensive measurement of industry progress on circularity to date. During the webinar we highlighted low hanging fruit for brands looking to mature their circularity approach, along with the key levers for significant disruption of the linear textile system. While this report focuses on textile industries, the benchmarking methodology and levers identified offered lessons for many other industries as well.

Many thanks to our panel of experts: Liesl Truscott, European & Materials Strategy Director, Textile Exchange, Cory Skuldt, Associate Director, Corporate Citizenship and Sam Brundrett, Consultant, Corporate Citizenship.

This webinar was a part of a larger series, hosted by Textile Exchange, discussing findings from the 2019 Materials Change Insights Report available here.

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