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Corporate Citizenship: Sustainability, Simplified. We are a global business consultancy that uses clear insights and a simplified approach to sustainability to deliver growth and long-term value for business and society. We believe in the power of good actions.

Our Services

Our services

Corporate Citizenship’s range of services is designed to meet the evolving requirements of global business and deliver consistent returns on sustainability investment.


We use our corporate responsibility expertise to demystify increasingly complex choices in sustainability reporting.


For over 15 years, we have helped our clients develop robust and enduring sustainability strategies. We are focused on delivering sustainability strategies that drive innovation, cost savings and brand equity for your business.


Corporate Citizenship works with clients to provide independent verification of non-financial systems, performance and reporting.

Research and Futures

Our research insights and futures programme will help you understand, anticipate and respond to the changing corporate responsibility landscape.


We make engagement simple, tailoring an approach to your needs and ensuring the right messages reach your different stakeholder audiences.


Our approach to corporate responsibility consultancy will help to define your communities and how they can support your strategy.


We advise and support our clients on all aspects of environmental sustainability, including carbon, water, supply chain standards and environmental management systems.

Impact Measurement

We believe in showing the real difference made by good corporate citizenship, including our pioneering work reporting positive economic impacts.

LBG Framework and Measurement

Pioneered by Corporate Citizenship, the LBG measurement model provides a robust global standard for measuring and reporting on corporate community investment.

Supply Chain

We help companies to develop more socially responsible and sustainable supply chains by identifying and addressing key risks and opportunities, and engaging with important stakeholders.


The Corporate Citizenship Benchmarking Service provides customized benchmarking reports on the full range of corporate responsibility and sustainability issues.

Rankings, Standards and Awards

Including DJSI and CDP assistance


We have valuable experience when it comes to helping companies to understand and respond to their material issues. We bring this broad and deep expertise to provide a service that SIMPLIFIES MATERIALITY for our clients.
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  • Charlie Ashford

    An Apple a day: Why technology isn’t a cure-all

    23 Mar 2015 | Charlie Ashford
    Apple aims to help medical research by turning iPhone users into lab rats. Charlie Ashford argues that apps aren't the solution to every problem.
  • Oren Jaffe

    De-Coding Supply Chain Sustainability: When Good Intentions are not Enough

    16 Mar 2015 | Oren Jaffe
    It is simply not enough in today’s world to just set out a CSR policy or a supplier code of conduct or total up the number of sustainability initiatives in the supply chain and think you are doing the right thing. The days of accountability by case study are fading fast. Companies must actually do the work and invest the capital to create lasting (and profitable) change in their supply chains. Click here to find out more about de-coding supply chain sustainability

Latest Insights

Flagship Social Investment Programmes

Flagship Social Investment Programmes

Following international research, this paper explores Flagship Social Investment Programmes and the characteristics which ensure not only the survival of a programme but also ensure it delivers value to business and society. Including case studies from nine companies including Rolls-Royce and Amway.
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Knowledge series

Using the Social Purpose of Business

Using the Social Purpose of Business

Based on the concept of businesses having a social purpose, we look at how companies can use the social purpose of business to engage and inspire both internal and external audiences. We also explore effective tools to help bring social purpose to life.
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