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Sustainability, simplified

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We are a global management consultancy specialising in sustainability and corporate responsibility. We use clear insights and a simplified approach to sustainability to deliver growth and long-term value for business and society.

Sustainability, simplified

The world of sustainable and responsible business can seem complicated. To make your sustainability journey as simple as possible, we have identified four key areas in which we can help you and your organisation. Click onto the icons below to find out how we can help your organisation to simplify sustainability.

Latest News & Blog Posts

  • Mary Ellen Smith

    Will Unions Survive? How the US 2016 Presidential Elect May Influence Labor Issues

    22 Jul 2016 | Mary Ellen Smith
    Fifty years ago nearly a third of US workers were union members. Today it is one in ten. Union membership is falling, largely due to right-to-work laws. These laws impact labor rights issues and ultimately influence how companies approach labor issues in their CSR. Senior Researcher Mary Ellen explores how the upcoming US Presidential Election might affect this.
  • Tom Worley

    Understanding the True Impact of Sports Sponsorship

    14 Jul 2016 | Tom Worley
    In 2015, $57.5bn was spent globally on sponsorship - with approximately 70% of this spend being directed to sport. Consultant Tom Worley explores how measuring, understanding and sharing the wider impacts sports sponsorship has on society is a real opportunity.

Latest Insights

Social Mobility: Why it Matters to Business

Social Mobility: Why it Matters to Business

A lack of social mobility is clearly a major issue around the world. This Issues Brief highlights the issue, the implications for business, and the steps a business can take to deal with both the root and the symptoms of social immobility.
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Knowledge series

The Challenge of Change: The Role of Business in Development

The Challenge of Change: The Role of Business in Development

How can companies improve their impacts on development? This was the topic of discussion at Corporate Citizenship's evening event, to mark the launch of our new report: Impact for Change: Better Business in a Better World. Click here to watch the event highlights.
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