We bring a broad and deep expertise to help companies to identify, prioritise, and respond to their material issues.

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Materiality is a principle used in decision-making to define whether an aspect or issue is sufficiently important to warrant attention by the business. Material issues (aspects) are the economic, social, environmental, political and governance issues that are of critical importance to a company’s stakeholders and can significantly impact the long-term viability of the business.

We design our materiality assessments to provide your company with strategic insights to drive action. We believe the entire materiality journey, from stakeholder engagement to topic prioritisation through to the recommended actions, should provide real value to the business and society.

Our robust approach meets best practice standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)’s G4 guidelines and draw on our deep experience advising clients. We seek to ensure that outputs are credible and highly tailored to meet our clients’ business needs whether it be:

  • Conducting materiality assessments for companies going through the process for the first time or for companies updating materiality.
  • Planning and facilitated stakeholder engagement, including conducting one-to-one interviews, designing surveys and facilitating focus groups.
  • Developing a comprehensive global approach to materiality for large multinationals, with local input and relevance that is compliant with the GRI G4 guidelines.
  • Advising on and supporting the integration of materiality into business processes such as strategy, risk management, supply chain, and reporting.

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