Rankings, Standards and Awards

We help our client to identify, prioritise and respond to sustainability rankings, standards and awards that will deliver the greatest value – including DJSI, CDP, FTSE4Good, and the BITC Index.

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There are five key steps which companies should take to unlock the real value of taking part in rankings, standards and awards:

  1. Identify objectives: what value do you want to get out of the process? Different schemes serve different purposes and every company has unique issues and drivers that will determine which schemes are most relevant to them.
  2. Map out your landscape: relevant schemes will be different for every company, depending on its industry, stakeholders and geographic location. Companies need to find credible schemes which address their most material issues – with a focus on improving core performance. Drawing on the Corporate Citizenship database, we can help companies to understand their options.
  3. Choose your targets: all schemes demand time and resources, and many also come with an entry cost. Whether you manage the process internally, or with the support of an expert third party, effective engagement requires prioritising initiatives and selecting those which will best help you meet your objectives.
  4. Make a winning submission: the process of entry is the key to unlocking the real value. The real prize is not in winning, but in deriving benefits to the business from your submission.
  5. Review the outcomes: use the knowledge gained during the entry process to evaluate your policies and strategy, and drive future improvements. This might include gaps identified in the issues addressed; lessons for internal engagement, and insights into competitor performance and stakeholder expectations.

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