Improve your navigation on the community investment measurement journey

Jun 15, 2015 | Blogs

We know that, when it comes to measuring companies’ contributions to the community, the focus has long since shifted from asking what do we contribute? to asking what do we achieve?

However, companies setting out on this journey from inputs to impact all too often get stuck on the starting line, their way seemingly blocked by some big barriers in the form of questions like:

  • How do I define impact?
  • How do I measure the difference I make?
  • Who do I ask and what do I need to ask them?
  • How do I log this information?
  • How do I compile data across multiple activities?


Through a combination of a robust measurement framework and practical support, LBG has been helping companies navigate these barriers for 21 years.  It has consistently smoothed the measurement journey as the field of community investment matures, and it continues to evolve!

Recent developments have seen advancements in LBG’s measurement framework and the tools and support it provides to enable companies to measure.  Updates have also enhanced the opportunity for companies around the world to engage with, and learn from, each other.

For example:

  • Understanding your impact: LBG’s ‘depth of impact’ scale provides a simple way to differentiate between light touch benefits and transformative change and so helps companies first define, and then assess the difference they make.
  • Data management: Gathering consistent data across a wide range of activities and contributions is the biggest practical challenge many companies face. LBG’s innovative online data portal enables companies to record, measure and manage their community programs in one secure place – and you can log in from anywhere.
  • Shared learning: While each company’s community program is different, all face the same challenge of making the most effective use of the resources they commit. Our expanded program of webinar-based workshops enables companies around the globe to share common challenges and solutions with the outputs shared across the network.


These developments, alongside the existing support provided, mean that companies using LBG, like GSK, 3M, Barclays, Reed Elsevier, ISS and Unilever, can not only better measure their programs, but also realise significant benefits that LBG brings with it; including time and resource savings, increased efficiency, better program management and the demonstration of deeper commitment to, and impact on, the societies in which they operate.

If you want to hear more about using LBG to measure your community activities, then we invite you to join one of our upcoming webinars, where you will hear from LBG members Denstu Aegis, Linklaters, Rolls Royce, First Group and Barclays.

Webinars take place on the 2nd and 7th July. Click here to find out more and register for the session that’s most convenient for you.