Our Impact

At Corporate Citizenship we believe that our work with business, large and small, all around the world makes a real positive difference to the environment and society.  But it is also important to all of us that we make our own positive contribution both as Corporate Citizenship, and as individuals.

Our consultancy work, designed to simplify sustainability and transform businesses, draws on the broad range of experience and expertise of our team.  Our own sustainability programmes have been developed to reflect this, and will continually evolve so as to reflect these skills and interests as well as the needs of society.

Pro-bono charity consultancy offer

Here at Corporate Citizenship we have extensive experience of brokering corporate partnerships and developing community investment activities for major global corporations. We also founded and manage B4SI the globally recognised framework for managing and measuring corporate community investments. We believe our experience here can be used to help organisations become more appealing and effective corporate partners. Taking this experience we launched our pro-bono charity consultancy offer in 2015.

Since 2015, we have worked with 13 small charities in the UK, USA and Singapore. The organisations work in areas such as youth development, employability and micro-finance: all areas of interest to our corporate clients. All organisations engaged through our pro-bono programme have reported that they are better placed to approach potential corporate partners as a result of our work with them.

Feedback from some of our pro-bono clients:

  • “This project helped confirm our alignment with prospective corporate partners…it was helpful to see the measurements used to determine fit from Corporate Citizenship’s perspective.” Iridescent
  • “CC helped us focus our efforts in looking for new corporate partners. They gave us frameworks and processes to identify our USPs and therefore the best target sectors and companies for us.” Hospice UK
  • “We are in a much better place than we were before the support from Corporate Citizenship, they have helped us understand where our strengths will be, and what we need to do to move forward.” The Philosophy Foundation
  • “Corporate Citizenship has started us on the journey to understanding the importance of impact, and given us a great model/tool on developing our positioning and narrative.” Consortium for Street Children

Over the course of our pro-bono programme, we have helped ten organisations develop their work to appeal to corporate partners: all ten organisations reported having an increased understanding of corporate partnerships as a result of our work with them. We have also helped three organisations develop their data collection and impact measurement tools: all three reported having a better understanding of data collection and impact measurement as a result of our work with them.

Developing future sustainability talent

With companies taking a more strategic approach to embedding sustainable and responsible business practices, there is an increasing demand for people with the expertise and skills to address the social and environmental challenges we face. Corporate Citizenship understands that not only do we need to recruit and develop the best talent to advise our clients, but also that we have a responsibility to support young people looking to enter and build a career in the field of sustainability. We offer:

A Sustainability Graduate Scheme – Our scheme provides graduates with experience working as part of our global team on projects across our full range of sustainability services from reporting, to community investment to impact measurement.

A Sustainability Research Internship Programme – We offer a rolling 4 month internship programme in our offices around the world. Our interns sit within our research team and get the opportunity to be involved in supporting projects across our full range of sustainability services in addition to writing daily responsible business news alerts. Some of our interns have been employed by Corporate Citizenship permanently, others have gone on into permanent employment elsewhere after completing the internship.

For more information on our programmes please visit our Current Openings page.

Our environmental footprint

We calculate our carbon, water and waste footprint on an annual basis. Using a 2019 baseline.

  • Corporate Citizenship’s total baseline 2019 footprint was 195 tCO2e (using the location-based Scope 2 methodology).
  • We have set a carbon reduction target that aims to reduce our total emissions by 50% by 2030 against a 2019 baseline. This will include our reported Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions.
  • With the inclusion of Scope 3 emissions our target goes beyond SBTi’s 1.5oC aligned option for SMEs.
  • Although we have submitted a commitment letter to SBTi, they are unable to validate our target due to our Agency being part of the wider Chime Communications Group and therefore outside of the SME category. However, our wider Group is now in the process of developing its own global SBT.
  • Our reduction efforts are focused on energy efficiency measures in our buildings, purchase of renewable electricity and the reduction business travel through flights.
  • To address our residual emissions, we will purchase voluntary carbon credits to achieve carbon neutrality.
  • Greencoat house – Environment Management System: We have an ISO14001 certified by BSI ref EMS 602133 due to expire 22/12/08 for Greencoat House, London. This will be our main London office with the most employees in 2021.