Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Submission and Analysis


Falabella is a Chilean multinational holding company. It operates in seven Latin American countries across six different business divisions, including owning the largest chain of department stores in South America.

Falabella is one of only 10 Chilean companies eligible for inclusion in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices‘ DJSI World index. Responding to the DJSI questionnaire was a challenge for Falabella, considering that the different companies within the Falabella Group are all at different stages of their sustainability journeys, so they enlisted Corporate Citizenship to help with the process.


The team at Corporate Citizenship worked with several Falabella issue owners, identifying relevant information for responding to the DJSI questionnaire, strengthening answers and identifying opportunities to create further business and social value.


In its first application to DJSI in 2015, Falabella achieved the score necessary to be admitted the DJSI Emerging Markets index, becoming both the second Latin American retailer and the second Chilean company to do so. The increase in Falabella’s score was the highest ever achieved in a single year by a client of Corporate Citizenship.

The following year, we helped Falabella to further improve its score, allowing it to enter the DJSI World index – again, only the second Chilean company to do so. Falabella is also a member of the DJSI Chile index, launched in 2015, and the DJSI MILA index, launched in 2017.