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Anna Cheng

Social Impact Client Coordinator (B4SI)

My Background
With over two decades working as a creative and design professional, my experience is deeply rooted in extensive cross-disciplinary practice and broad global exposure. Having completed the Social Impact program at UNSW Business School, I’ve strategically pivoted my skills and knowledge to drive meaningful social impact and foster positive change.

My Expertise
My role at B4SI focuses on supporting our members in the network, to better manage their social and community initiatives and in identifying opportunities to amplify their social impact. I am particularly passionate about collaborative impact, shared-value strategies, and social impact measurement.

Person I most admire
I admire people who push the boundaries to rectify social injustice. Particularly Muhammad Yunus, who revolutionized social entrepreneurship with microfinance, empowering impoverished individuals, especially women, to uplift themselves. His Grameen Bank model showcases how business can be a force for good, merging profit and purpose. Yunus’s vision, resilience, and impact underscore the transformative potential of innovative, purpose-driven business solutions.