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Clio Gressani​

Managing Consultant

Areas of Expertise:
I have broad experience in partnerships, community programmes, stakeholder engagement, events, marketing, and communications.

I am passionate about utilising the power of business to create a better future for everyone and making sustainability happen.

Before joining Corporate Citizenship, I worked for 13 years in the charity sector where I led high-performing fundraising teams working with companies and philanthropists. I negotiated and executed more than 90 corporate-charity partnerships with companies such as AirBnb, L’Oréal, JLL, Pfizer, and eBay – supporting them shape their CSR/ESG programmes, engage stakeholders, and demonstrate impact.

Prior to that, I worked in marketing consulting and helped clients translate innovative ideas into action.

I hold a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communications and recently completed the course “The Age of Sustainable Development” at Columbia University.

Person I most admire:
I have always found Marie Curie’s story very compelling. The Polish girl that wasn’t allowed into university because of her gender became one of the most important scientists in history. She discovered radiation, which became crucial in X-ray technology, cancer treatments, and many other aspects of healthcare today. In a world dominated by man scientists, she was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, and the only person ever to have won it in different fields. She was a sort of “feminist by actions”, demonstrating with her determination that she was equal to her men’s colleagues. The issue of juggling childcare and career also adds a familiar refrain.