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David Bailey

Senior Consultant

My academic background is in Environmental Science, where I completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Brighton, specialising in climate change. My dissertation focused on the Great Green Wall of Africa, identifying the drivers of desertification in the Sahel, the feasibility of the reforestation project, and the wider implications the project will have on the environment. Since then, and prior to joining Corporate Citizenship, I was working in environmental consultancy covering aspects of air quality and greenhouse gas accounting.

Client and Project Experience:
My projects have included carbon accounting for large scale developments across London and South-East England. I have worked with a number of developers in the residential and commercial sectors, manging projects, helping clients with planning submissions, and ensuring policy compliance across both air quality and GHG sectors.

Person I most admire:
Al Gore’s film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ was an initial catalyst for encouraging me to study Environmental Science at university and gave me the desire to focus my career on mitigating climate change. His work in persuading governmental leaders to invest in renewable energy, was also key to the landmark signing of 2016’s Paris Agreement.