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David Fatscher

For 10 years, I was Head of Sustainability Standards at BSI, defining and implementing a market development strategy to promote wider adoption of the standards that help companies boost sustainability performance and manage compliance to regulation. I also regularly engaged with businesses, policy owners and societal stakeholders to better understand future standards needs and convened appropriate experts to agree good practice solutions for climate action (net zero), sustainable finance, natural capital, resource management and social responsibility.Prior to that I worked in a number of digital media roles focussed on content aggregation, platform development and market outreach.Client and Project Experience:
I have worked across multiple sectors to support companies manage their ESG risks and help them identify opportunities for transformation. Examples include designing and delivering workshops for a leading APAC agri-food conglomerate, hosting industry roundtables (including a panel discussion on sustainable finance at COP26) and convening business leaders to define the behaviours of successful purpose-driven organisations.

Areas of Expertise:
My expertise is in the area of ESG disclosures and reporting. This means understanding how existing requirements are evolving and also tracking the drivers that will shape future frameworks so we can continue to support our clients navigate the complex landscape of standards.

Person I most admire:
As a teenager, I remember being captivated by David Attenborough’s acclaimed “Life on Earth” series. That he can still surprise and delight us 40 years later is a testament to the endless beauty of our planet. That he is such a leading voice warning of its fragility also speaks to his unique contribution to public service broadcasting.