The Scope 3 Reduction Framework – A Holistic View of GHG Reductions in the Value Chain

Dec 14, 2022

Scope 3 poses many challenges for companies, and whilst there is extensive guidance for companies looking to measure & report scope 3, as well as clear guidelines for robust target setting, there is comparatively little guidance on how companies should approach scope 3 emissions reductions.

This lack of guidance can lead companies to focus only on what they understand and directly control, and to shy away from committing to concrete targets, to downgrade ambition, and to prioritise potentially lower impact actions.

That is why this framework has been developed, to bridge the gap between measurement and actions, and to give companies the structures required in order to increase ambition and put in place meaningful scope 3 reduction strategies.

The Framework breaks down scope 3 reductions into four aspects: Tailwinds, Technical Solutions, Tactical Partnerships, and Transformations, enabling companies to gain a more holistic view of where emissions reductions can be achieved, and what needs to happen outside of a companies direct control in order to achieve their targets.

Download the full report here