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Luciano Asinelli

Senior Researcher

Areas of expertise:
A trained lawyer with extensive experience in developing environmental strategies for the public and private sectors, I have a unique set of skills that makes me an excellent problem-solver with creative and innovative solutions towards a sustainable/regenerative future. Through my academic and professional background, with experience in the legal, corporate and NGO environments, I have developed a strong work ethic and capacity to work with multiple stakeholders, and within different team dynamics.

I work as a Senior Researcher in the ESG Advisory Team, helping businesses implement sustainable framework strategies throughout their operations.

My interest lies in the worldwide efforts to tackle the climate emergency through international cooperation between nations and financial actors to leverage climate finance, and through responsible/impact investment through the development of natural capital solutions and ESG practices.

In this regard, I believe that the social process through knowledge exchange and debate is essential to formulate innovative answers to complex questions.

I have contributed to implementing climate-related actions in multiple countries, such as the UK, Taiwan, Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Sierra Leone, Saint Lucia, Jamaica, Belize, South Africa, Mozambique, Indonesia, Brazil, etc.

Client and Project Experience:
At Corporate Citizenship, I have been working on multiple ESG strategic projects with major clients such as Nike, Mapfre, Herbert Smith Freehills, Nokia, etc.

Person I most admire:
I wouldn’t be able to elect one person as “the one I most admire” as I had great examples at home growing up. Both my grandmothers and most of all my mother and my father. However, I am inspired by people that show(ed) leadership in the Climate Change and Environment field such as Professor Lavanya Rajamani, Nature Scientist from the late 19th century Alexander von Humboldt, Climber/Explorer/Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and writer Eduardo Galeano for writing “Open Veins of Latin America”.